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The Estate Vineyards are planted along Westside Road at the southwestern border of The Middle Reach neighborhood of the Russian River Valley.  As the river bends west towards Guerneville and the Pacific, we receive ample fog and maritime influence rendering daily thirty-five degree temperature swings and excellent growing conditions for Pinot Noir. Floral and spice tones in the wine define this classic neighborhood.

Moshin Estate Vineyards

·      Moshin Vineyard

o   Original 10 acre vineyard on Westside Road on the Valley floor adjacent to the Russian River and just west of the Wohler Bridge

o   Planted in the early 1980’s to Dijon clones and replanted in 2007-2008-2009 to Martini, Swan, Mt. Eden, and Wädenswil 2A clones

o   River alluvial fan with deep, loam soils; rich in nutrients from occasional winter flooding

Caliope Vineyard 

·      Calliope Vineyard

o   2.5 acre vineyard planted in 2005 on the winery property; full southern exposure.

o   Goldridge soils on a gentle slope, sandy loam with desirable clay content

o   Planted with Pommard 5, Wädenswil 2A, and Calera clones


·      Rosalina Vineyard

o   5 acre vineyard planted in 2007 by Richard Milkovich & Rick Moshin

-  4.5 acres of Pinot Noir; Calera, Wädeswil 2A, and Pommard 5 on two rootstocks

-  0.5 acre Pinot Blanc Alsace 7 clone

o   Adjacent to Calliope with full southern exposure on 18-20° slope

o   Goldridge soil, Sandy loam with 18-22% clay content


River Myst Haven

o   Planted in 2010 by Rick Moshin for long term lease from our neighbor just above the winery

o   2.5 acres of Pinot Noir; Gently sloped, Goldridge soil, South-South East Exposure

-  Martini and Swan Clones

Single Vineyards

Halo’s Hill Vineyard

o   Planted in 1985 in the Santa Rosa Plains neighborhood of the Russian River Valley off of Hall and Willowside Roads

o   4 acre Pinot Noir vineyard in river bottom loam

-  Dijon clones 113 & 115

o   Fruit is only sold to Moshin Vineyards

          Molinari Vineyard

o   Planted in 1999 by Rick Moshin for Virginia Molinari

o   Located in the Dry Creek Valley, on Westside Road a short distance from the town of Healdsburg, just beyond the northeastern border of the Russian River Valley

o   6 Acre vineyard in deeper sandy loam soils with higher clay content

-  5 acres of Pinot Noir planted closest to Dry Creek that feeds the Russian River

·      Dijon 115 & 667 clones

-  1 acre of Merlot planted closest to Westside Road

·      Bordeaux 190 clone