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Action in Moshin!

Gravity Flow Explained in Whiteboard Animation

Springtime in the Vineyard with Rick Moshin

Pruning Lesson with Rick Moshin

Just for fun ... our favorite way to pop a bottle ... (note, do not try this at home...)

And the backstory on the sparkling ...
For years, the bubble-loving gals here at Moshin have been trying to convince Rick Moshin to produce a sparkling wine. We have the vineyards, we have the know-how ... let's do it!
In 2011, Rick finally relented and on a chilly Fall morning, a truck-load of interns accompanied him into our newer Estate vineyards to pick grapes for a sparkling wine.

Because this wine was created for "in-house" use, it is unlabeled, sealed with a Pepsi cap and non-disgorged. The yeast is still happily resting in the neck of each bottle. To insure a crystal clear glass of bubbles, the neck of the bottle is sabered off, thereby releasing the sediment. Yes, it's an unconventional way to open a bottle of sparkling wine, but wow is it fun!
And the best part of the story? The wine is so delicious that we've decided to make more!
Well, ... a little more. We bottled 68 cases of Moshin Vineyards 2012 Blanc de Noir and 98 cases of Moshin Vineyards 2013 Brut Rose'.